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There is perhaps no other issue in family law more important than child custody — especially if your fundamental right to a meaningful relationship with your children is being threatened. Even if it isn't being threatened, the circumstances of a divorce or separation will make you worry about what will happen.

But you have more control over the outcome than you think.

Why Hire James E. Crawford, Jr. & Associates in Baltimore, MD?

We have represented people in Maryland since 1992. That's more than 20 years. In those 20 years, we've seen all types of child custody matters, from cases in which one parent is demanding sole custody to cases in which a parent wants to move the children out of state.

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Our practice includes:

Winning Child Custody in MD

We say "winning" because, in fact, there is a way to win child custody in Maryland — but winning child custody usually means each side gets something they want. In child custody, both parents are going to need to be able to work together, long after the divorce is finalized, to care for their children.

Sometimes, there simply is no way to work together toward an amicable solution. That's what court is for. The judge will make the decision for you. And, in some cases, that's exactly what is needed. If that's the case, we will stand up for you and argue your case in front of the judge.

In many other cases, however, we can help you create a child custody agreement that works for both sides. In the end, what works for both sides will continue to work in the long term.

Free Case Evaluation with a Baltimore Custody Dispute Lawyer

Child custody. It's one of the toughest things you'll face in any divorce or separation. But you can help control the outcome by hiring a lawyer. Feel free to pick up the phone and dial 443-701-4525 or contact us online to get started.