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Thank you for taking that first step toward finding the help you need. As we've said to many of our past clients — and will say to our future clients — the most important thing to us is developing great client relationships.

If you hire us, we want it to be because you are confident that we can stand up for you when and where you need us. Because in an area like divorce and family law, confidence in your attorney also means confidence in yourself. It means you can work toward solving your problem and moving on with your life.

We can help you do that.

History, Success, Appreciation

Our history goes back to 1992, when we began practicing law and representing the interests of clients in Baltimore and throughout Maryland. Since then, success in law practice has meant that there's almost no courthouse in Maryland that we haven't seen. It also means that we're inside a courtroom almost every day of the week.

We call ourselves "serious trial lawyers," which is another way of saying that we have the experience to be serious when it's necessary, to step back from the bargaining table and set a court date in front of a judge if it's in our client's best interest.

On the other hand, a serious trial lawyer is also capable of going to the bargaining table and reaching an agreement, saving the client both time and money. On top of that, whether or not a trial is necessary, a serious trial lawyer takes the burden of stress and worry away from the client — which, alone, is worth every penny spent to resolve your divorce or other family law matter.

Above all, our history and success would mean nothing without genuine concern and appreciation for our clients, past and future.

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Contact us at 443-701-4525 or toll free at 866-635-0623 for a free consultation. We can help answer your questions, from whether we're the right attorneys for you — which you'll know once we've spoken on the phone or met face to face — to whether you should stop carrying around your worries and instead hand them over to us.